Alphabets for (Chinese) Christmas: The Photos

Friday, January 08, 2010

Hopeful Enterprise

The pins have been given out, the donors have been thanked, now all that remains is for the photos to be shared with all.

Please visit this page to see photos of the kids with their pins. The pictures are mostly of the first graders, mainly because there always turned out to be time at the end of class to take pictures of the kids with their pins. In the sixth grade classes, we did a full English Olympics lesson in addition to giving away pins, so time was short.

I wish you all could have been there when a class of 50 sixth graders stood up (on command from the class leader) and bellowed “THANK YOU TEACHER.” And when each first grader in the Friday class, one by one, said “Thank you laoshi [teacher]” as I went from desk to desk giving out the pins. Another sixth grade class spontaneously wanted to give me gifts, so I left with 4 pens, 3 notebooks, some English flashcards, some plastic cellphone charms, an orange, and a packet of tissues.

Thanks again everyone who donated a little cash money, and to Jim and Michele and the crew at the indomitable Coudal Partners, and to the tireless Alex of Busy Beaver for generously making this little project possible.

There was money left over, which I split between 826NYC in Brooklyn, New York, and Town and Talent in Lanzhou, Gansu, China. I hope you can support them too.

Lastly, while Hopeful posting has been light, activity in here Nanshan is high. I’m leaving for Shanghai next Thursday for what will surely be culture shock as I go from a town with no movie theater and an apartment with no hot water faucets to, well, the city of the future. I hope the jetpacks come in blue.