Dispatches from Chengdu

Monday, May 03, 2010

Hopeful Enterprise
This is a big day on the Enterprise: updates from Sichuan province.

I’ve been living in Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, since the end of January. The semester in Nanshan finished up in early January and then I went to Shanghai for two weeks to see what the big deal was (not that big a deal, as it turned out). Having no great plan other than to get out west, and wanting to go before the New Year’s travel season started in February, I flew to Chengdu on January 28 and have been here ever since.

By sheer luck, my first day here was about the nicest day of weather we’ve had — actual blue skies and a breeze and shadows on the ground. I walked down a long street populated entirely by laminated signmakers to the People’s Park. After a glass of tea by the boat pond (but no ear picking) and a stroll through the little amusement park, I knew how I felt about Chengdu. Cities can strike you just like people do and when you’re lucky you find some tenor in a place that resonates, maybe in the colors or the people or just the geometry of the streets. It’s a great place, even though the sky is white all the time.

In the coming days I’ll add captions to the photos, but for now here is an overview of today’s posts.

Chengdu Chengdu Chengdu: Notes from sitting on the street corner in the QingYang district, watching people go by.

Chengdu People, part I

Chengdu People, part II

Chengdu Places

Chengdu Things

Pandas: I didn’t think pandas were that big a deal, almost too cute for their own good, but they are awesome. Photos might not win you over; you’ll have to visit.

My Apartment

The Past Is Always with Us: A strange moment in the Chengdu Library.

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    Wednesday, June 09, 2010 :: 03:32 AM

    Your apartment is more beautiful.I saw the handwriting paper in your room.You still practise Chinese handwriting.I thinik maybe your Chinese handwriting is much better.